Compare peer to peer lending platforms from Europe, in the extensive table below. You will get the best overview of European peer to peer lending platforms as well as the possibility to sort trough all the data. It is recommend to use your computer to look trough the platforms, but its also possible using your mobile phone. The table will make it much easier for you to chose your next platform for investment. Its showing the most important information about the platforms such as the average return, the number of investors, amount of loans issued, possibilities for an early exit and much much more. New platforms are constantly added and the data in the table is updated at least once a month with the latest changes. Simply press invest now to start your next investment adventure.

Go to the advanced drag and drop comparison tool to compare peer to peer lending platforms with even more details. Or check out the latest financial reports from the latest 3 years from all the platforms, before you chose where to invest your money here. Also don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest blog posts and and platforms updates.

This page is updated monthly (The information is last September 2019)

* The average return are based on the official information from the lending platforms and might have been calculated differently between the platforms.
** The buyback guarantee might only apply to a selection of the loans offered on the platforms for investing.

Compare peer to peer lending platforms
Compare peer to peer lending platforms with the drag and drop comparison tools with even more details.

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